Where can you work?

There are many aquaculture career opportunities in B.C., across Canada and around the world, spanning coastal to urban communities. The range of careers is wide and working conditions are equally varied. Our graduates can expect to find work in a place that fits their interests: land-based or sea-based farms; in a feed or food processing plant; or in an office or lab. Here are some careers available to those with an aquaculture education.

Visit these sites to view current aquaculture job postings:

Aquaculture Association of Canada
BC Salmon Farmers Association
Cermaq Canada
Grieg Seafood
Skretting Canada and Nutreco
LinkedIn aquaculture Canada jobs
First Nations Fisheries Council
UBC and DFO’s Pacific Science Enterprise Centre

Careers at a sea-based or land-based farm site:

• Fish production technician / manager
• Hatchery technician / manager
• Fish health technician
• Aquatic veterinarian
• Fish biologist
• Aquaculture diver
• Waste management technologist

Careers in an office:

• Environmental and regulatory affairs manager
• Aquaculture engineer
• Research scientist / technician
• Habitat biologist
• Research and development coordinator
• Environmental assessment technician
• Regulatory affairs officer

Careers at a feed mill:

• Feed production technician
• Environmental assessment technician
• Nutrition researcher

Careers at a food processing plant:

• Processing line operator / supervisor
• Quality assurance manager
• Product developer
• Waste management technologist

Careers with the government:

• Aquaculture policy advisor
• Aquaculture extension officers
• Aquaculture development specialist
• Environmental assessment technician
• Regulatory affairs officer